Money Saving Guide for University Students

When I hear people say, “I’m still paying off my student loan,” years after they graduate and well into their 30’s I suddenly feel lucky to know that I didn’t take the route. Finances are hard as it is when you’re a young family the last thing I would want is student debt accumulated from years ago that still hasn’t been paid off.

Repercussions are generally felt years after, once you graduate and when you most need money  – starting out and as a young family.

Reading Money Saving Guide for University Students will educate you on some of the unexpected costs of those fiscally challenging years while you study.

So what do they cover?

  • Housing: with suggestions on how to lower those nasty costs that tend to be the highest expenses.
  • Tracking Expenses: spreadsheets and apps that can easily be used to help you manage your checking accounts and stay on budget.
  • Building Credit: with offers and deals on various ways to help you mange your money.
  • Spreadsheets: that will help you compare apples to apples when looking for services that you just can’t live without liked cell phones and transportation.
  • Saving Tips on how to save on textbooks and tuition costs. Along with ways to save money on groceries.

A few of my favourite examples:

Saving tips on education by transferring credits and prerequisites.

  • Take time to think about how much you will use the phone and comping up with a good comparison of how to pick the right plan suited to your needs.
  • Student cards that we recommend and where you can apply for them.
  • Where to save on textbooks such as used book stores on campus. Used books in the marketplace online  and places like Facebook, Kijiji and Craigslist.

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