How Online Financial Management Applications can Help You Reach Your Money Goals

Technology has made our lives a lot easier these days. Apart from our daily chores we can even manage our daily finance using  technology. A number of technologies and applications have been invented lately which can guide you through the entire process of managing finance starting from keeping a track on your expenditure to  calculate your investments.

This can help you to work hard to achieve your targets. Many of such applications are available for free of cost while the others are required to be purchased or you can have them by paying a certain amount of money as subscription.  But the applications which are paid have lot of features that can make your job easier and those features are not available in the free apps.

The following are the few online financial Management applications which can help you a lot to manage your finance and reach your targets.

MoneyStrand: MoneyStands helps you to analyze your budget and expenditure and access you accounts. This application allows you to check your entire financial condition. You just need to save you’re the target of your spending and saving and you will be able to check your daily progress report. It has some exciting features such as detailed charts and many more. This application is suitable for both smartphone and computer users. MoneyStrand application come completely for free. This application is also comes for free like the previous one. Without this application the list will not be completed. This application helps you to create a budget for you and then helps to keep a track of your expenditure automatically. It even allows to develop budget and set your targets and keeps you updated with your financial behavior. This app is consider as one of the most popular budgeting tools. It facilitates you with regular updates and best deals about finance.

Future Advisor: If you are not satisfied with the freebies and want something more such as a few applications that discuss in details and guides you about the proper investments you should make. This application is favorite choice for a number of experienced and skilled investment brokers. It offers a lot of information related to investment and help you to understand the ways you can maximize your portfolio. It answers lots of questions regarding the goals you have set for your future and then helps you to create a customized portfolio. Now the free version of this application is available that helps you with analysis and recommendations only but it is expected to charge money soon for portfolio rebalancing and cleaning up automatically.

Personal Capital: This application which is a freemium one like the previous one can give you the ultimate financial management experience. This is a wealth management app which is incorporated with transactions, investment performances and even account balances. This application can help you to analyze your entire financial condition along with the figuring out the way you are heading to. Moreover, it advices you personally about how to manage your money and where you should invest the money.

At the beginning you can get this application for free but later if you want to get connected with financial advisers or want more features you need to pay.

Betterment (Payable): if you want anybody to take the entire responsibility of your finance on your behalf then you can select SavvyMoney. This application can even assist you in managing your financial portfolio. Initially you can take the service by spending minimum $250 which can make you eligible for bonus of $25 for signing up. By paying this amount of money you can build your own profile as an investor and start managing your investments on the basis of that profile.

This is the same amount of money which you normally pay to the mutual fund on the quarterly basis to manage your investor profile.

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