Cheap Dental Care – The Advantages of Dental Work from a Dental School

Dental care is very expensive, especially without any sort of dental insurance. Even with dental insurance, the costs are still high for the average American. In fact, a lot of companies don’t provide dental insurance to their employees so they can save money.

This leads many to skip going to the dentist all together, which can make problems worse in the long run. Others go to foreign countries where it is cheaper, but that can open up a host of problems too without the proper research. That said, there is still a great solution not far from home. One great way to get affordable dentalwork is to go to a dental school, available in many urban areas and college towns. If this sounds promising, then here’s what you need to know.


The price is much lower at a dental school, whether it’s for cleanings, cavities, or even advanced work – it’s all much cheaper. Dental offices have rent, employees, and other expenses, so just to make a profit they have to charge high prices. At a dental school, they charge nominal amounts – just enough to cover the costs to associated with the dentalwork. Procedures that costs thousands at an office can be in the hundreds at a dental school.


Perhaps one of the most pleasant surprises of going to dental school is that you get the perspective of someone new and fresh in the field. In other words, tactics change from generation to generation, and you may find that someone who’s just entering dentistry has knowledge of new, streamlined, and perhaps more affordable and less painful tactics of healing, or perhaps even a reason not to panic about something that a more experienced dentist would balk at.


The dentists in dental schools are all supervised by professional, long-time, experienced teachers, so the likelihood of a major error or problem is low. Know that they will certainly take a conservative approach with your teeth. Besides this,anyone in dental school that is allowed to work on patients has certainly excelled enough to be able to do this.

Ease of Appointments

A lot of times, getting an appointment at a dentist’s office is difficult. This is not true with dental schools, though of course you should call ahead. Dentists are notorious for having to make appointments months in advance, unless of course you have an emergency. Many dental schools even allow walk-ins.

Weekend Work

Many dental schools open up on weekends for patients. This is very difficult to get at most dentists office, since they are usually open Monday-Friday. Dental schools keep very long weekend hours because they know a lot of their clients are working class and can’t get time off during the week.

Dental schools are a great option for anyone, but especially those with financial need. The dentists here are competent, insured, and have all of the latest technology. The great thing about them is that if you really like adentist, you can then find his or her office once they graduate. Don’t be afraid of going to a dental school for work, because it is almost always much better than most people realize, and of course much better than avoiding the dentist all together!

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