Canadian Personal Finance Links

Canadian Personal Finance Links

In years past, all the bloggers were big on sharing links. Links to interesting articles, links to other blog, links to anything interesting. Curated lists of links were a common, often weekly post. That seems to have died down through the years, but I think it’s something we should revive.

So, without further ado, here’s a starting list of interesting and useful Canadian personal finance websites.


  • Million Dollar Journey – one of the bigger old school bloggers, a Canadian documents his progress to save a million dollars. He’s far exceeded that goal now, but still an interesting read.
  • My Own Advisor – Mark Seed, an Ottawaian (I guess that’s not a real word) who talks about investing using a dividend strategy.


  • Reddit’s Personal Finance Canada sub – Very active, lots of stuff going on. Can be toxic at times, and you can absolutely receive bad advice here (people will post incorrect stuff as if it were a fact). Still, an interesting read to see the news and what’s going on.
  • Financial Wisdom Forum – also can be a bit toxic at times, and take everything with a grain of salt.

Financial Professionals

  • Canadian Couch Potato – Dan Bortolotti is a former Globe and Mail journalist turned high net worth financial advisor. On his blog he discussed investing for the rest of us.
  • Money Coaches Canada – Canadian money coaches, flat fee not for investing, but to help you get your budgeting, finances, and savings under control.
  • The Term Guy – Canadian life insurance broker focused on term life insurance. Their website includes online life insurance quotes from about a dozen Canadian life insurance companies.

I’ll add more links as they come to me.

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